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Building Relationships

The friendship of Japan and the United States of America, two great countries with abundance of virtues and growth opportunities, has been the most important spiritual bridge over the Pacific Ocean and will be the most established and reliable bond in today’s vulnerable world for global peace and prosperity.  Significantly positioned, San Antonio is located at the south of the United States of America and is situated at the heart of two global regions: Asia and the American Continent.  Building the relationship between these locations has been beneficial for all those involved.

Japan is regarded as a highly ethnic and disciplined society, who has demonstrated compassionate response to natural disasters by helping many of the victims while consistently lending aid to the needy.  Their citizens are known for respecting rules, while discouraging vandalism and robbery.  Japan is well known to be a safe and clean society. As an artistically talented country it has been beautified throughout the centuries by seeking detailed elegance in the fine arts and gastronomy.  It is also recognized as one of the most industrial and technological revolutionary leaders in the world. Japan is a world-renowned example of how to improve the change of social systems by having one of the highest life expectancy, declining birthrate and working towards breaking away from a mono-racial society. As a nation, they have turned difficulties into opportunities through building community team work and a mutual spirit of prosperity. Respect and gratitude are deeply entrenched in the people’s mindset. Japan is a gateway to Asian countries.

The United State of America contains a history of a society full of challenging spirits who push for ideals, dreams, changes, innovation, self-development, and openness to diversified cultures and forms of perceptions.  It is regarded as the most influential leader in global politics and the economy.  As a country where the value of freedom and dignity of individuals are highly recognized in people’s mindset, it has stimulated and supported many of the best and brightest researchers in the world. The USA is one of the most advanced counties where women’s leadership and talents are recognized and encouraged. It is a society where the uniqueness of everyone is respected and encouraged. 

San Antonio as a city of beautiful harmony where the history and aura of Spanish heritage and Hispanic cultures are seasoned with European flavors, which forms a unique American contemporary society where people enjoy a variety of life styles, fashions and cuisines. As one of largest and rapidly growing cities, it is rich with ethnic diversification, industries and arts.  It is a southern gateway to the entire United States of America and the Latin American countries due to its location, heritage and its highly bilingual environment of American English and Spanish. San Antonio is well known for its friendly and collaborative community.

Our Mission

Since its inception in 1985, Japan America Society of San Antonio (JASSA) leads to connect cultural and business communities in San Antonio with those in Japan through diverse grass roots exchange activities, aims to further enhance the friendships between Japan and San Antonio, and disseminate to the world the diverse and intrinsic values of San Antonio.

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